About Tyler Butterworth

Tyler Butter worth audio tour guide

Tyler Butterworth has been producing popular and entertaining audio guides to cities across Europe for nearly ten years now. Throughout that time they have been enjoyed by thousands of people who have used them to explore not just London, but also Rome, Paris and Madrid.

Tyler has spent most of his life as an actor working in film, television and theatre, and at the same time developed his audio career, working in BBC radio dramas, English language courses for several major publishers, doing voice overs for TV commercials and recording audio books.  He also managed to record the entire New Testament of the Bible in under a week, a feat described by some as nothing short of a miracle…

His background in television and his eye for a good story enabled him to move into television factual documentaries as a development producer, where he worked predominantly with NASA creating a series of commemorative films for the Discovery Channel.

An experienced audio tour guide

Tyler then established Audiotraveler, creating bespoke audio tours for businesses. Amongst other projects, he produces specially commissioned city audio guides for Destination Events, a leading event organiser with a global profile, and has also produced the Hidden London audio tour for Stanford’s, the world’s most famous map shop, based in Covent Garden.

London Sights is a whole new venture for a whole new audience. This enables Tyler to develop city audio tours that are not only informative and entertaining, but also a bit more personal in their content. Not your usual stale and dry dictations, Tyler’s London walks are full of lively and unusual facts and anecdotes, often giving a whole new perspective to the capital’s world famous iconic sights.

And because Tyler is directly involved in the creation of every track from the writing to the recording, you’re being guided by a person who knows the location, who’s seen the landmarks and walked the walks – not just talked the talk, like so many audio guides who simply hire people to read from scripts, about places they’ve never seen.

Top quality production values

Unlike many audio tour apps, all of the walking tours in the London Sights app are recorded in a professional sound studio at one of London’s most highly respected studios, giving the same rich depth of sound that you would expect on commercial television or radio. Layered on top of this, you’ll find professionally recorded music and sound effects that help elevate these audio tours beyond what you’d get from a tour guide, creating a tapestry of sound that helps transport you deeper into the real London.

Tyler also works with a team of researchers and historians, to ensure his guided tours are accurate and up-to-date.

It’s by bringing all these different elements together that Tyler aims to bring you the best, most interesting, unusual, informative, memorable, city audio tours you can get. But you’ll be the judge of that…