Why London Sights?  Compare different types of guided tours of London and you’ll see why!

Tyler and his team have worked hard to ensure that the London Sights audio tours are an affordable, charismatic and stress-free way to take a walking tour of London. Here are the main differences between London Sights and other apps, audio tours and guided tours.

Tour Type:
Your guide:
What you’ll see:
What you’ll hear:
The London Sights App
Leading Audio Tour App
Leading MP3 Audio Tour
Guided Group Tour
Leading Hop On Bus Tour
Tyler, who has almost 10 years’ experience making audio tours
Anyone who agrees to the sponsorship deal with the app company
No information provided on the narrator’s background
Variable - depends on who is working that day
Variable - depends on who is working that day
All of the stops listed, plus nearby off-route attractions, shown on the app’s clear GPS map
Variable – but usually includes businesses who have sponsored that tour
Only the stops specified in the tour listing
Only what the guide covers in the tour
Everything mentioned by the guide, but often while driving past
Professionally recorded narration, sound and music effects, and great practical advice
Recording, often made on a home computer. Often dry recitals of encyclopaedia facts.
Professionally recorded voice actor reading a script. Variable quality.
Spoken description of the stops, easy to miss unless you’re close to the guide
A scripted description, sometimes by employees who don’t know much about London
Download & go when you like, at your pace. Audio directions to the best views. GPS map. Phone vibrates to alert you.
Download & go whenever you like. GPS map. Might vibrate alert, might not.
Audio MP3 only, with no map to orient you. You have to figure out how to get there, where to stand, and when to play audio.
Tours start at a specific time, and can be sold out or cancelled when you get there.
When you leave the bus you’re on your own. Includes paper map, but it’s easy to get lost if you’re new to London.
Around 2 hours, to give your day more flexibility
From 30minutes to 3 days
No information provided – roll the dice
From 1 – 10 hours
Ticket is valid for 24 hours
FREE first walk. £4.99 for subsequent walks. Tour is yours to keep.
Up to £8.99
Up to £18.95 per tour
Up to £104 per person
From £29 per person

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