Discover where London actually began in this historic audio walking tour of Royalty and Romans, greed and gold.

This is a fascinating self-paced audio tour of London's Square Mile, as we discover where this ancient city actually beagn, where it still is today, and where it's going.

Steeped in history and taking in the Geat Fire of London, the Plague, the gruesome past of the Tower of London (amongst other stops), we roll back the years and go right back to the beginning.

And scattered within these twisting old narrow alleys and streets we find the business institutions that make this the most financially powerful square mile on the planet.

And where there are banks there is money, and where there's money there are beautiful shops. And restaurants. And mysterious old pubs. And glorious churches. And Roman ruins two thousand years old.

On this audio tour, you'll see and learn about:

  • The Tower of London - ancient riverside castle crammed with jewels
  • Tower Bridge - the most famous bridge in the world
  • London Bridge - the most bloodthirsty bridge history, ever
  • The Monument - where the fire of London began
  • Leadenhall Market - a food market for a thousand years and still is
  • Jamaica Wine House - the cup of coffee in the west
  • The Royal Exchange - glittering shops and grand architecture
  • The Bank of England - Gold, gold and more gold!

As with all of our walking tours, you set your own pace and can stop wherever you like. On this tour, there are plenty of places to enjoy some of the best food London has to offer, as well as some great shops for picking up gifts, unusual (and sometimes expensive!) souvenirs, or perhaps something special for yourself.

How to go on this walking tour:

Simply upload the London Sights app to your mobile phone, and you can purchase Secrets of the City within the app for £4.99

or learn more about how the London Sights app works.

Listen to samples of this audio tour:

This London walking tour is ideal for:

  • Ancient history buffs
  • Photographers
  • Roman ruin imagineers
  • Food fans
  • Contented strollers
  • Shopping fanatics
  • Anyone who wants to see some of London's most photogenic sights, but also explore its cultural heritage

Duration of this audio walk:

Around 2 hours at a leisurely pace, if you're not planning to go into any of the sites. Allow 1/2 day if you want to soak it all in & visit museums, etc.

Tour starts at:

Tower of London
(Closest Tube: Tower Hill)

Tour ends at:

Bank of England
(Closest Tube: Bank)

Best times to go:

Any time except evenings when it's very quiet

Tyler's tip:

Find and touch the Roman Wall at Tower Hill, it’s two thousand years old!