FAQs and Support

If you have questions or issues with your London Sights app, have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Using the app

How long do the walks take to do?

They usually take about two hours depending how much you like to stop and stroll – and stopping and strolling is what these audio walks are all about. You set the agenda, it’s your day.

What happens if I leave the walk route and return to it later? Will I have to start it again?

No, just go to the track list on the back of the map and tap the relevant track to begin wherever you want.

Do I need to have the GPS turned on to be able to do the walk?

You can do the walk without GPS, but if you want to activate the Vibrate Alert and track your position on the map, then you’ll need the GPS on.

What do I do if the walk route is blocked?

These things happen from time to time in any city as you know, so it’s best to refer to your map in the app and plot a short route around the obstruction. The audio will know you’ve jumped forward to the next stop.

A place or feature that you refer to on the walk isn’t there any more - what do I do?

Please accept our apologies for a start! Things and places change all the time in a city like London, but we do our best to stay right up to date. Either listen to the commentary if you wish, or walk on by, as Dionne Warwick would tell you to do, and head for the next stop. When you have time we’d really appreciate it if you could let us know via our Contact page. Thanks!

I can’t see my location on the map, what do I do?

Check that you’ve got Location Services activated in your phone settings so GPS can find you and then return to the map.

Technical issues

I’ve accidentally deleted the app from my phone. Do I have to buy it again to get the walks back?

No you don’t, which is good isn’t it? Just return to the App store and download the London Sights app again. Then select the walks you’ve already bought, you’ll be asked if you want to buy them (which you say Yes to) and you’ll be told you’ve already bought the walks and to Tap to continue. When you Tap, the walks reload and you’re back in action.

How do I get technical support?

Please email us at: support@londonsightsapp.com and we’ll aim to have you back on your feet within 24 hours

Other questions

Can I gift a walk to a friend?

As the app is free you can't actually 'gift' it, but you can send a link to your friends about it! On the London Sights app page in the App Store click the 'Get' button beneath the app icon and you'll see 'Tell a Friend' is an option in the dropdown list. Click 'Tell a friend' and a box opens up for you to send to your friend with a link to the app. That's it. And thank you!

I’ve just done one of the walks. Where can I leave feedback about it?

You can contact us here. We welcome all feedback.

My question wasn't answered on this page. Can you help me?

Send your questions to us through our Contact page here.